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"When I attended my first pilgrimage, I didn’t know what to expect - a pilgrimage journey is different for everyone.

As my weekend went on, I felt my heart begin to soften as the love from the team washed over me. God was loving me through them.

Throughout the weekend God sent His love down to me in a tangible and very real way through music, praise and worship, His Word in scripture

and Christian fellowship."

"I never had such a serene feeling.  It brought me closer to the Higher Power. In all it was a very moving weekend!


Would I do it again? - in a

heartbeat! Everyone should experience it at least once.  I am sure they will want to return!”

"The time spent during that weekend changed me as God spoke to me through the worship, the staff and the activities. Some made me laugh and some touched my heart in ways that only God knows. 

Thank you Jesus!!!"

Shirley Cotton, MPP#36

"Attending a Pilgrimage weekend gave me an opportunity to listen to God and to have an open heart and mind. 

It was inspiring to have God reveal to me where He had been guiding me and where He had planned for us (He and I) to go in the future. 


If you are going to live a purpose-driven life, you better know the purpose.”

Dave Andrus, NCPP#56

Tami Cronce, MPP #32

Robin Mettes, MPP #44

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